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R&D Test Systems has obtained unique experience and system insight by developing demanding, large-scale test systems for the wind industry. Our extensive track record enables us to help you select the most suitable type of test for your device under test (DUT), from testing of major components and technologies to complete nacelles.

As we work with both the technology development and prototype testing, we understand the whole development process of a new wind turbine. This gives us an edge and makes us able to supply test systems that are more innovative, cost-efficient, and sustainable.

Our test benches are delivered to the largest OEMs and tier-one wind industry suppliers, including Vestas, ZF, Flender, and LORC, making us the number-one partner of large-scale test systems for the wind industry.

Testing can save millions

As the next generation of offshore wind turbines set to become bigger, more powerful, and have shorter development cycles, testing of the wind turbine's value chain becomes essential. Testing will allow manufacturers to evaluate the new products under realistic conditions, thus estimating lifespan and maintenance requirements. This process can save millions of euros in warranty claims and downtime and, at the same time, add reliability.

What do you need for your test facilities?

Our tailor-made test systems are customized to meet our customer's requirements and needs.

Test systems wind
Rain Erosion Tester

Proven technology for the testing of rain erosion of wind turbine blades. The system fulfills DNV's Recommended Practice (DNV-RP-0171).

Strong Floor

Multi-purpose test bench for the testing of larger mechanical subsystems or components.

Pitch System Test Bench

Tailor-made systems for complete pitch systems or pitch bearings.

Bearing Test Bench

Tailor-made test system for large-scale bearings.

Yaw Ring Test Bench

Testing of yaw ring segments.

Gearbox Test Bench

Functional, end-of-line or HALT testing of gearboxes.

HALT Test Bench

Highly accelerated lifetime testing of complete nacelles or drive trains.

Function Tester

Function testing of complete nacelles, including the hub.

Blade Test Equipment

Fatigue and static testing of large rotor blades.

System-wide range of specialists

Our rich palette of in-house specialized competencies ensures efficient project execution and world-class test systems for our customers.

Dynamic Simulation

Learn more about how we use dynamic simulations to create value for our customers by minimizing downtime on the test benches and minimizing commissioning time on site.

Optimizing a test system

Learn more about how we optimize and engineer a test system.

Advanced numerical calculations and FEA

How we use advanced numerical calculations to optimize engineering projects.

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