Passion for engineering

We supply knowledge and turnkey large-scale dynamic test systems for various industries.

To create world-class engineering, we approach our customers' challenges from numerous angles to develop the right solution. With broad industry knowledge and highly specialized engineers, we provide our customers with the right expertise to archive their needs for large-scale dynamic testing systems and consultancy.

R&D Test systems is a part of MTS Systems Corporation.

What we value


We have an open environment for professional and personal development


We understand the customers' needs and ensure their competitiveness


We use knowledge to create the best solutions


Going to work has to be fun

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Quality assurance

We want to enroll our quality mindset throughout our value chain and establish a common goal that strengthens cooperation, reduces errors, and increases the overall solutions' cost-effectiveness. We follow international standards for quality and safety, and we are certified according to several certifications.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing business responsibly has always been an important part of R&D’s business strategies and daily work procedures. It shall always serve as one of the foundations for our management decisions.

Our sustainability governance is aligned and coordinated with the sustainability governance, codes, and values of our parent company MTS Systems Corporation, Minnesota, USA.

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Innovating since 2005

The company was founded in 2005 by Morten Storm and Carsten Vejby Møller, who wished to turn challenges into world-class engineering. What started as a passion is now a pioneering company of specialized engineers that develops innovatory solutions for a wide range of influential companies from many different industries. Our ambition is to develop individualized and innovatory solutions which add substantial value to our customers' companies.

Creating value across industries