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R&D's department of Test Systems for the aerospace industry has obtained unique experience and system insight within the development of demanding heavy-duty test rigs for some of the leading companies within the aerospace industry. Our extensive track record enables us to help you select the ideal test campaign; whether it is the development of a new test system or upgrade of your existing test rig.

We always focus on understanding your specific test needs and deliver a turnkey solution which incorporates high-performance components and software customised to the application - including design, manufacture, assembly, implementation and maintenance.

What do you need for your test facilities?

R&D Test Systems can deliver tailor-made and standard test systems that fit your requirements. Below you'll find an overview of some of the areas, which we are involved in. If you do not find a suitable area, please contact us and we can discuss the requirements for your next test rig.

Rigs for engine and engine component testing

Aircraft engines requires a wide range of different tests, both on system level and on component level.

Surface Material Testing

The test rig can simulate rain and particle erosion.
The test setup is based on a 3-bladed helicopter principle which ensures conditions very similar to real flight conditions in harsh weather.

Attitude Testing

The test rig can simulate the effects of take-off, climb, descent, landing or banking.

Iron Bird Test Setups

The Iron Bird setup enables testing of the flight control and mechanical systems including landing gear, brakes and hydraulics.

Landing Gear Testing

A static and fatigue test designed to ensure that the landing gear can withstand worst-case scenarios and avoid failure during the expected life-cycle of the aircraft.

Gearbox & Rotary Testing

Testing of different rotating components for example gearboxes for aircraft engines.

Rotor Dynamic Analysis

Study and/or simulation which can be used during the development and detailed design of new driveline components to identify critical speeds and delineate keep-out-zones.

Other Test Rigs and Capabilities
  • Update of Existing Test Rigs
  • Engine and Transport Dollies
  • Aircraft Jack Proof Load Tester
Jet F-35 aerospace

R&D Test Systems is a part of the Danish Government F-35 Industrial Partnership

R&D Test Systems participates in the Joint Strike Fighter programme for the development and acquisition of the F-35 fighter aircraft. The industry partnership works with Danish and American companies and US authorities.

High Power and Complex Testing

We can help you select the most suitable type of test for your Device Under Test; from defining the test strategy to development and delivery of the turnkey test system.


Feasibility Study

Selecting the right test system is highly dependent on your actual testing requirements.
Most of our tailor-made test systems are adjusted through a feasibility study where R&D Test Systems helps develop the best solution based on the customer’s testing requirements and business case.
The size and scope of each feasibility study vary depending on the complexity of the test and the degree of detail.
A feasibility study facilitates the combination of a test specification, a test system concept, a budget and a timeline. By covering these areas before initiating the development process, you ensure an ideal business case.


Proven Technology

With different testing strategies, different testing challenges emerge. In some cases, a standard way of testing can be the most optimal solution.

R&D Test Systems has developed a number of standardised test systems. These test systems have become the standard within different industries due to their ability to produce reliable results (high repeatability and reproducibility).
We are involved with:

  • Rain erosion test equipment
  • Standard equipment for testing of long structures (e.g. wing or fin structures)
  • Ring gear test equipment (fatigue testing)

Tailor-made Turnkey Solution

Our system-wide insight and in-house specialists enable us to address the system as a whole and provide the deliverables required for the complete life-cycle of the test system, including project management, hydraulics, mechanics, high voltage engineering, software, electrical engineering, structures and foundations.
By holding all competences in-house, we are able to minimise the risks, reduce the delivery time and deliver a world-class turnkey test system which matches your requirements.
When developing turnkey test systems, we follow a Stage Gate model which ensures that we meet our customers' expectations on time and within budget.

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