R&D's in-house specialists address the system as a whole and deliver the complete life-cycle of the test system, including project management, hydraulics, mechanics, high voltage engineering, software, electrical engineering, structures and foundations. 

At R&D, we recognise the importance of the modern aviation industry. One of the main reasons for this importance is the globalised nature of the industry, helping connect different continents, countries and cultures. As a result, global aviation has been the key to facilitate efficient travel to distant places, enriching many lives in the process. We are increasingly present globally in the aerospace markets, more so after we were acquired by MTS Systems Corporation in January 2020.

R&D have great experience within test equipment for large constructions. The development of the test bench for LORC has been very successful and we have expanded our knowledge and know-how within the turbine industry. Therefore, we have felt confident in expanding the technology to the aviation industry.

The aviation industry continuously develops and improves and our extensive track record enables us to help you select the most suitable test type for your company. This will fulfil your specific test needs and deliver a turnkey solution that lives up to your requirements. 

We have done it before. R&D have delivered a test rig for one of the world's most powerful aerospace gearboxes to Rolls-Royce. During the process, R&D operated as project managers and managed the mechanical design, drive actuation systems, construction, documentation and installation, which lead to a solution that fulfilled Rolls-Royce's needs and requirements – a test rig robust enough to withstand the future test scenarios. 

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