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R&D Prague is our office in Prague that consists of highly experienced engineers who solve complex and technically demanding projects for our customers within many different industries. The department focus on flexibility, where the engineers can supplement R&D's business areas to ensure that they can provide the right resources and competencies to the customers.

The engineers possess a high professional standard and competencies within the wind industry. Among others, their competencies include loads & control, FEA, mechanical engineering, and documentation.

The location in Prague is ideal because the level of education in the Czech Republic is high, and there is a strong international student contingent. Communication and cultural understanding between the countries are therefore excellent. The fact that this is an EU-based partnership is also a clear advantage, in that our engineers can be called to Denmark at a day's notice if necessary.

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Case: Siemens Gamesa gains from a successful cost-effective consulting model

Learn more about how the cooperation between R&D Prague and Siemens Gamesa has resulted in a very efficient and cost-effective model.


Due to our rich palette of specialised competences, we can provide you with the right resources and the proper knowledge to execute your project:

  • Loads & Control
  • FEA and analysis
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Documentation
  • 2D and 3D CAD

We have no plans to stop cooperating with R&D and their team in Prague. We may scale things up or down, depending on the volume of work, but in the long term, we would entertain the possibility of having another team on board.

Maximilian Kosmale
Team Lead Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Siemens Gamesa

Ways of cooperation


1 to X scaling

The team consists of 1 Technical Lead/Project Manager from R&D and a handful of engineers from the R&D Prague office.
The Technical Lead/Project Manager acts as the one point of contact during the development project. This person will handle all communication and project management between your company and employees in Prague.


Smart rotation

The various engineers will be working on the project from our office in Prague most of the time but can also be on-site if the project requires it.


Direct cooperation

The customer will be in charge of the project management of the project and has full responsibility for the team in Prague.

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We are always looking for competent and engaged engineers who strive to solve exciting tasks in a highly professional and social environment.

You'll be an important part of demanding and technically challenging projects, where you'll work closely with our customers as well as your colleagues.

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