A powerful, efficient and reliable assistant

R&D Engineering & Automation and Kassow Robots present the 7-axis cobot, a lightweight robot for industrial applications.

Digitalisation is a big issue for a number of manufacturing companies. We wish to overcome this issue by aiding companies strategically with the integration of cobot technology. Therefore, we have established a cooperation with Kassow Robots, who has developed a series of 7-axis cobots.

Developed by Kassow Robots, the 7-axis cobot provides you with more flexibility and sets a new standard for robot technology. The seven axes enable the robot arm to replicate the movements of a real human arm far better. Not only can it move an object in a straight line from A to B but it is also able to follow a curved path at a specific speed.

R&D is Kassow's business partner, responsible for applying the technology in the best possible way for each customer. This constellation will benefit the customers seeing that they will receive the right combination of skills for the strategic implementation of robot technology into their existing systems.

Visit our universe of cobots and gain insight into why the Kassow Robot is referred to as a uniquely powerful, efficient, and reliable assistant, which is designed to work quickly, with precision, and with high payloads.

The advantages of the 7-axis cobot

  • All axes can move at speeds up to 225 degrees per second.
  • A payload of up to 10 kg without compromising on speed.
  • A tablet-like graphical user interface makes it easy to use.
  • The robot can easily be relocated and redeployed.
  • Built-in force sensors detect impact and abnormal forces, which enables it to operate with or close to staff without special safety measures.
Kassow robot

Watch the presentation of the 7-axis cobot and get a glimpse of why the Kassow Robots sets a new standard for cobot technology.


The cobot comes in four sizes:


KR 810

Reach: 850 mm Payload: 10 kg


KR 1205

Reach: 1200 mm Payload: 5 kg


KR 1410

Reach: 1400 mm Payload: 10 kg


KR 1805

Reach: 1800 mm Payload: 5 kg

Strong, fast, and simple

Thanks to its seven axes, the Cobot arm can replicate the movements of a human arm. Not only can it move an object in a straight line from A to B but it is also able to follow a curved path at a specific speed. The 7-Axis Cobot is a uniquely powerful, efficient and reliable assistant, designed to work quickly, precisely and with high payloads.

The Cobot is simple to use due to the intuitive and user-friendly tablet technology that works on the drag-and-drop principle, which everyone is familiar with from their everyday devices. Depending on risk analysis, it can be used directly in industrial production with minimal or even no additional safety measures.

Product specification:

  • Payload: 5 - 10 kg
  • Reach: 850 - 1800 mm
  • Weight: 23.5 - 45 kg
  • Degrees of freedom: 7 rotating joints
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.1 mm
  • Joint speed (deg/sec): up to 225
  • IP specification: IP54

We have summarised the benefits of the Kassow Robot in a brochure.


The pictograms show six examples of how the 7-axis Cobot can help improve your workflows. There are close to no limits for how the Cobot can be applied, even with complex tasks. In adhesive applications, the Cobot can i.e. follow an exact path, maintaining the specified speed regardless of the type of movement.

Kassow applications

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