Ensure a high quality of your product

Ensure the quality of your product with the utmost accuracy.

Measuring tools and equipment are used in all productions with a demand for high-levelled quality throughout the production. The level of quality of the final product is directly reflected in the quality of the measuring tool. That is why the requirements of measuring tools are essential for production.

R&D's department for Engineering & Automation has acquired specialised competences through years of developing specialised measuring tools and equipment. We supply some of Denmark's leading manufacturing companies with measuring equipment.

Our long track record enables us to help you develop measurement equipment which fit your specific needs; from simple measurement equipment to a completely automated measurement setup. Regardless of the scope of the project, we always ensure that your product performs within the approved tolerances and meets the requirements of safety and quality.


  • Dorne and go/no go gages
  • Measuring fixtures - eventual for a 3D measurement
  • Specially designed or modified standard equipment
  • Semi-automatic setup and stand-alone equipment
  • Fully automatic setup integrated with a production line
  • Product master

What we offer

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Our capabilities

Measuring equipment capabilities

- Full and semi-automatic measuring tools and equipment for the production
- Customised equipment within measuring technology
- Modification of existing standard equipment or tools
- Design of measuring fixtures
- Simple measuring tools and test pieces such as go/no go gauge
- Product master for equipment calibration


- Sparring within implementation, upgrading and troubleshooting of measuring tools and equipment
- MSA test (Measurement Systems Analysis) and performing the test report
- Service and maintenance

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