The way in which consulting engineering companies create value for their customers is changing. R&D has carried out a reorganisation in order to comply with the new market demand.

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A change in market demand has contributed to R&D’s decision to reorganise the business structure of the company. Due to the changes, the company is now even better prepared for present and future challenges in the market. With the new organisational structure, the engineering company is able to provide complete solutions to customers within the industry.

Specifically, the reorganisation entails a consolidation of the two departments Product Development and Production Equipment into the new department Engineering & Automation. In the times to come, this department will develop and increase the scope of competences within automation and Industry 4.0.

Larger scope of competence

“A change in market demand places new demands on us. As a result, we have chosen to consolidate our business further. Previously, we would mainly support our customers with competences for a specified period of time. At present, we are experiencing a steadily increasing demand for complete solutions, which include everything from specifications, conceptualisation and integration of Industry 4.0 to construction and turnkey solutions. This requires us to enhance our capacity for development. Due to the new structure, we are able to operate within a larger scope of competence and thus achieve a greater knowledge exchange,” Thomas Andersen says, Business Unit Director of Engineering & Automation.
The needs and demands of the customers become ever more complex, which necessitates the involvement of the engineering company in the entire project process. “By assuming control of the entire process, we improve our chances of ensuring the correct project design, planning and execution. Our experience and insight from other industries enable us to incorporate new knowledge which will bring the customer’s project to a whole new level,” Thomas Andersen concludes.