Digitalisation is a big issue for a number of Danish manufacturing companies. R&D’s department of Engineering wishes to overcome this issue by aiding companies strategically with the integration of robot technology.

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Danish manufacturing companies face a number of challenges related to Industry 4.0, including the lack of knowledge and integration of new technology. Robot technology is among the technologies which the companies have not fully utilised yet. Consequently, they are missing out on an increase of their bottom line, as the technology can increase the efficiency of their production and reduce costs.

R&D’s department of Engineering wishes to help Danish manufacturing companies incorporate robot technology into their existing systems, so the companies can increase the performance of their equipment. In that connection, R&D has established a cooperation with Kassow Robots, who has developed a series of 7-axis cobots, which set a new standard for robot technology.

A new standard for robot technology

“A lot of manufacturing companies do not fully utilise robot technology because they do not know the possibilities of the technology. The importance of this matter is not to be underestimated, as companies are missing out on a technology which is capable of enhancing their competitive performance significantly. The cause is not the companies’ lack of will, but rather a lack of competences and knowledge. With our position as a knowledge-based enterprise, we wish to help manufacturing companies incorporate robot technology into their existing systems, so they can benefit from all the advantages of the technology”, Thomas Andersen says, Business Director of R&D Engineering.

“We have chosen to commence a collaboration with Kassow Robots due to their unique knowledge and insight into the possibilities of robot technology, which their new 7-axis cobot proves beyond doubt. They set a new standard for robot technology. We will achieve a whole new position within automation, as the collaboration with Kassow Robots will bring us in the lead in this area. We look forward to allowing our customers to benefit from this,” Thomas Andersen says.

R&D is the ideal business partner because they are able to apply the technology in the best possible way for each individual customer.

Kristian Kassow
Managing Director, Kassow Robots

Synergy between robot technology and industry experience

In collaboration with Kassow Robots, R&D Engineering wishes to disseminate and integrate robot technology in Danish manufacturing companies. The customers will benefit from this constellation because they will receive the right combination of skills for a strategic implementation of robot technology into their existing systems.

“To overcome this issue, the companies must receive help to incorporate robot technology. Our customers will experience that they are dealing with more than just a vacuum cleaner supplier. They are dealing with an infusion of knowledge. Due to our broad and unique experience from multiple industries, we are able to comprehend the customers’ issues and incorporate the technology, so they achieve the maximum profit”, Thomas Andersen says.

Behind Kassow Robots is Kristian Kassow, who wished to develop a series of cobots with a high speed and a long reach to manufacturing companies. The result is a 7-axis cobot which is simple to use due to the intuitive and user-friendly tablet technology that everyone is familiar with from their everyday devices.

“We look forward to our collaboration with R&D, who will be in charge of sales in the Danish market. With R&D on our team, we will have the perfect setup which can open new doors and possibilities – both for ourselves but, to an even greater extent, for Danish manufacturing companies. R&D is the ideal business partner because they are able to apply the technology in the best possible way for each individual customer,” Kristian Kassow says, Managing Director of Kassow Robots.

7-axis collaborative industrial cobot

The 7-axis cobot is a uniquely powerful, efficient and reliable assistant, which is designed to work quickly, precisely and with high payloads.

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