For the past decades, green energy has come to be a very important topic in our society. Research and development within this industry have exploded and revolutionary new technologies are simultaneously developed. 

R&D have a high focus on renewable energy with many different development projects and solutions. The wind industry is merely one of the fuel sources that R&D focus on, which have furnished our clients with individualised and sustainable solutions. For the world to be able to rely on renewable energy in the future, wind turbines continuously increase in size and efficiency. R&D's development and optimisation of test benches will contribute to ensure that future wind turbines and elements can be validated by customers and manufactures. Our test solutions make it possible to test wind turbines under realistic conditions, giving customers the possibility to foresee life span and plan maintenance. 

With new knowledge and technology, it also gives the opportunity to look at life time extension for existing wind mills. When the first wind mills were built, tools and knowledge to calculate the stress and wear they would be exposed to was limited, which is why the wind mills were built with an expected life time span of 25 years. As the mills were built based on an estimate of how much they would be exposed to, R&D are holding the actual data for the last 20 years up against the estimated data. With a more precise calculation method, the data show that the actual wear is less than expected. Delaying taking the wind mills down will not only lower the costs, but also the CO2 emissions. 

Our green energy solutions have helped our market leader customers reduce their carbon footprints and meet their strategies and objectives. Ultimately, they have increased their competitiveness and time to market.  


R&D also contribute to the production of organic biogas with innovative projects as providers of consultancy services and engineering packages. For instance, we are part of developing a plant, which will be the first of its kind in Denmark. The plant will secure a new production line of sustainable and locally produced high-end protein feed. This offers producers a climate-friendly alternative and a more sustainable process compared to soya protein, which is currently imported from South America and Asia. 

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