Machinery manufacturing is one of the largest and most competitive sectors. We have developed technologies within the machine industry that have enabled our customers to maximise the productivity of their products.  

The continuing development within machinery, has led our employees to gain a lot of experience and know-how within the machine industry. This experience comes from previous customers challenges and the solutions that we have delivered and executed – from heavy-duty test systems and lifting solutions for the wind industry to product development and automation for the industry. R&D's specialised engineers are able to turn our customers' strategies into productive solutions. We experience many different kinds of requests from our customers, as the development within the machine industry calls for problem solving of not only new products, but also existing products. With an extensive track record within components for processing plans, we can transform your ideas into manufacture products.

The technological advancement accelerates the life-cycle of existing products. Those who do not manage to stay one step ahead of the development, risk being left behind by other more innovative competitors. Our customers have stayed ahead by shortening the timeline process from idea to product, thus enhancing their competitiveness and time to market.

Aside from world-class engineering, the machine industry also requires a lot of welding and design. R&D Steel is one of the leading companies in Denmark within welding, project design and manufacture of steel structures. Our expertise and experience ensure that we always execute our projects with the highest quality. All projects focus on a quick execution and a cost-competitive price. Our strong setup of subcontractors enables us to select the right experts at the right price.

Halt Test Bench developed by R&D Test Systems and built at LORC’s test centre. It is meant to test wind turbine’s blades.

LORC’s new test bench will serve as a contributing factor in securing Denmark’s leading position within the wind industry. “We have acquired one of the world’s largest and most impressive test benches in the industry, which will support the wind turbine manufacturers in the development of new wind turbines. I am confident that the test bench will help maintain Denmark’s leading position within this line of business”, Torben Lorenzen says, CEO of LORC.
The first customer has already signed a contract with LORC and will commence a series of tests shortly after the initiation of the test bench.

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