The food industry is a complex industry that covers a lot of aspects - besides agriculture and farmers who produce food for the world's population. 

R&D have experience working as a trusted partner to other businesses within the food industry, giving them access to our extensive knowledge and experience. One of our strengths is that we have a broad industry knowledge and highly specialised engineers, which have given us the opportunity to help companies optimise their food production processes.

We have collaborated with the company System Frugt. They handled most of their working processes manually and wanted an assessment of how to automate and make the processes more efficient. System Frugt needed extra resources for a large pre-project and preparation of a requirement specification regarding optimisation, development and purchase of production equipment for the handling and packaging of dried fruit and nuts. Here, we offered technical knowledge, asked critical questions and gave a new perspective to the pre-project and preparation of the requirement specification for System Frugt. 

System Frugt R&D

Our collaboration has enabled System Frugt to receive new perspectives that have optimised their production process, e.g. packaging and work processes.

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