R&D's extensive knowledge of the development and construction of test equipment has formed the basis of a pre-project and the following development of new test equipment for CeQur.

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CeQur is a company started by Danfoss. They develop and produce a simple infusion pump for insulin which can easily be integrated into the everyday life of type 2 diabetes patients. CeQur and R&D have worked together on a more thoroughly developed and user-friendly test solution for the infusion pumps.

We have had a very long course of development with R&D, where they have contributed with several competent suggestions and new ideas.

Erik Frisenvad
Senior Specialist, CeQur

Competent business partner

The joint development between CeQur and R&D started back in 2014. “AVK International, who will produce one of the key components for the CeQur insulin pump, recommended us to collaborate with the company,” Thomas Andersen says, Business Unit Director at R&D. ”We have previously collaborated with AVK International, and they know our skills in completing pre-projects, determining requirement specifications and developing test equipment – areas that were especially relevant to this project with CeQur.”

“One of the purposes of the pre-project was to choose the right technology for the equipment. Here, the choice was between two systems,” Erik Frisenvad says, Senior Specialist at CeQur. “We have spent much time developing a solution with R&D, where they have contributed with several competent suggestions and new ideas. In this regard, I have to praise them for being so patient, since we needed to discuss the case several times.”

Enhancement of technology and knowledge

Today, CeQur has a more thoroughly developed and user-friendly test solution, which Erik Frisenvad accredits R&D and the valuable development process between the two companies. “Development of insulin pumps is our area of expertise, whereas R&D has experience with the development of test equipment. Our collaboration has led to new test equipment which contains more technology and knowledge than previously. We expect it to prove most valuable in our further development.”

R&D has a lot of experience with the execution of pre-projects. “Here, we benefit from R&D’s broad palette of skills and the option of in-house brainstorms,” Thomas Andersen says. “We often present the customer with sketches or 3D-drawings which can form the basis of the course of development.”

Prototype and function test

Throughout the entire development process, CeQur has felt that the project was in safe hands at R&D. “We have had an excellent collaboration with Kristian Rand as the project manager and constructor,” Erik Frisenvad says. “It has been nice to know that the project had top-priority at a competent supplier. Through weekly discussions with Kristian, we have been well-informed of the development of the project and have been able to clear up any questions.

Most recently, R&D has presented CeQur with a prototype of that part of the new test equipment which R&D has worked on. When the prototype is approved, it will be sent to CeQur in Sønderborg where the software will be installed, and the function test will be carried out. Afterwards, it is ready to be part of the complete test solution. Subsequently, the entire system undergoes testing and is ready for production after potential adjustments.