Three senior consultants from R&D have worked in close cooperation with the development department at Danfoss to develop a new high-pressure pump for water purification.

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New competences, alternative approaches to complicated issues and great flexibility; these are some of the advantages which Danfoss has benefitted from in their collaboration with consultants from R&D in a recently finished development project. The product has undergone production maturing internally at Danfoss and is now ready for sale.

In our choice of R&D as a collaborator, it has been of vital importance that they possess experienced employees who are skilled consultants at the same time.

Welm Friedrichsen
Engineering Manager, Danfoss

Skilled senior consultants

The development department at Danfoss has previously collaborated with the mechanical engineer Ole Selling from R&D. As a result of the positive experiences, it was natural for Danfoss to reach out to R&D and Ole when a need for external consulting assistance arose.

"In our choice of R&D as a collaborator, it has been of vital importance that they possess experienced employees who are skilled consultants at the same time", Welm Friedrichsen says. “Those two are not necessarily linked. As a consultant, you have to be flexible and you have to be able to quickly familiarise yourself with the jargon and the working methods of the individual client.”

In both of the mentioned areas, Welm Friedrichsen has had positive experiences with the three consultants from R&D, who have been affiliated with the development project. “They have no fear of involvement with respect to technology and products, and they quickly familiarise themselves with new issues. You instantly know they are good consultants,” Welm Friedrichsen says.

Valuable and flexible resources

Alongside Ole Selling, Carsten Hermansen, and Karsten Krarup have cooperated with the development department at Danfoss. They all have more than 20 years of experience as mechanical engineers and are skilled at using their experiences from previous assignments and clients.

“The three consultants from R&D contribute with their individual backgrounds and experiences. Each of them has been skilled at cooperating with our employees and they have given us some new approaches to solving specific issues. At several occasions, this approach has provided us with a better solution,” Welm Friedrichsen says.

It has been a great asset to use R&D resources in the development department when internal Danfoss competences and resources are insufficient. This provides flexibility in terms of capacity and economy. “In our collaboration with R&D, we have attained an excellent solution to this project too. In my opinion, we would not have reached our goal this quickly without their competent assistance,” Welm Friedrichsen says. “Therefore, I am also prepared to use consultants from R&D in the future if and when we need flexible resources for new development projects.”