At Dan-Web, the basic philosophy is to have flexible staff members, which is a combination of full-time employees and external consultants. This ensures a dynamic organisation, which can easily adapt to the relevant needs.

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At the same time, the company does not compromise on innovation and quality in the developed solutions. This places heavy demands on the external consultants working in the company. R&D has supplied Dan-Web with flexible engineering resources for several years and most recently the mechanical engineer, Brian Nielsen, has been working with the company.

Dan-Web develops and produces machinery and equipment for the production of airlaid products, which are soft and absorbing paper materials incorporated in diapers and sanitary towels as well as tablecloths and napkins. The company was founded in 1976 and it has a great focus on creating new and innovative solutions of high quality.

Over an extended period of time, Brian Nielsen has been working permanently as an external consultant for Dan-Web. He works mostly with SolidWorks in close collaboration with the company's own employees.

Brian is very skilled. He is clever and well-informed, and he has some solid senior competences which we have benefitted from in the projects he has worked on.

Leif Mogensen
Project Manager, Dan-Web

Heavy demands

Leif Mogensen makes heavy demands on the consultants who collaborate with Dan-Web. "It is important that the 3D CAD drawings and constructions we develop are highly structured, well-researched and of a high quality. This places heavy demands on the people working with the projects," Leif Mogensen says.
"We have been very satisfied with the quality of Brian's work. We have also been in contact with a few other consultants who did not fulfil our demands. But R&D was quick to find the right competences for us."

Part of the team

Furthermore, Dan-Web appreciates that Brian has quickly become a natural part of the staff. "Throughout a working day, nobody notices that Brian is not a full-time employee here," Leif Mogensen says. "He has settled in well, and our organisation has welcomed him with open arms, which is important for a well-functioning collaboration. This increases the demands on both our employees and the external consultants if the collaboration is to be succesful. It is an important competence of any consultant to be flexible and to quickly adapt to new conditions."

Leif Mogensen has been extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Brian in these aspects as well. He is also ready to employ flexible engineering resources from R&D in the future, if they are as competent as Brian.