Qubiqa has risen after firing nearly two out of three employees during the financial crisis. One of the initiatives is contracting employees from R&D during peak periods.

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Qubiqa Esbjerg A/S is one of the world’s leading companies within the development and production of manufacturing equipment which packs and prepares insulating materials, such as rockwool and glass wool. The company was severely affected by the financial crisis and had to reduce the number of employees by 70%.

Since the crisis, Qubiqa has grown and today they have more employees than before the crisis. As a part of their strategy, they have decided to be more flexible and to hire more strategically. This is the reason why Qubiqa uses the flexible expertise and workforce of R&D during peak periods.

Reliable project management from R&D

”Currently, we are experiencing an increase in orders, and we do not turn them down. But it is difficult to hire the right resources when the market is unstable and we cannot guarantee a stable future for the new employees. Therefore, we do not hire many new employees even though we have projects waiting,” Peter Berg says, Director of Projects and Engineering at Qubiqa.

Over an extended period of time, Qubiqa has had six employees from R&D employed. One of the employees is mechanical engineer, Mikkel Enøe Sørensen, who is specialised in project management. He has been the project manager on several projects at Qubiqa Esbjerg A/S. Among these are the implementation of orders for customers in Germany and England and the development of a bioenergy plant.

One of Mikkel Enøe Sørensen’s qualities as a project manager is his ability to adapt. Due to many years of experience, he is quick and skilled at familiarising himself with new types of projects, which currently benefits Qubiqa. "Communication with the costumer, the constructors and the foreman who supervises the production - even the serviceman and the programmer and the people who have to use the facility - are the most important aspect of project management,” Mikkel Enøe Sørensen says.

The quality of R&D's work is profound. We can tell that R&D hires very professional and competent employees.

Peter Berg
Director of Projects and Engineering, Qubiqa

Investment in startup

Whenever new projects are initiated, Mikkel Enøe Sørensen spends much time discussing the customer’s needs and expectations of the manufacturing equipment to prevent dissatisfaction with the final product. Afterwards, Mikkel Enøe Sørensen functions as the project coordinator and he ensures that the customer’s expectations are met and that the challenges are kept to a minimum.

A skilled project manager acts as a kind of catalyst for a smooth process. In all types of projects, misunderstanding can occur. My job is to ensure that the misunderstandings and errors are kept to a minimum and that the customer receives the solutions which are needed,” Mikkel Enøe Sørensen says.

”When you initiate a project, there will always be something which cannot be done in exactly the way you imagined. This is the reason why I always involve the customers as much as possible in the process, in order to make them a kind of ambassador for the project.”

Profound professionalism

Qubiqa is very satisfied with the work of R&D. Even though the workforce from R&D is a more expensive solution than Qubiqa hiring their own employees, they will continue to use R&D for construction and project management tasks.
”The quality of R&D's work is profound. We can tell that R&D hires very professional and competent employees. This is a good thing as we do not compromise on quality with regard to our costumers,” Peter Berg concludes.