For several years, specialists from Grundfos have been working closely with R&D to develop and optimise a new product for Grundfos’ range of pumps.

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A production of more than 16 million pump units a year makes Grundfos one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps. The company is very innovative, and they continuously work to develop new products which can contribute to growth at Grundfos and increase global sustainability.

R&D has worked in close cooperation with specialists at Grundfos in developing and testing a new product. R&D has been responsible for the development, production of individual parts, collaboration with sub-contractors, production of prototypes, and execution of pilot runs.

The employees from R&D are very flexible and they have many competences to offer, which has been very valuable in the development process.

Søren Vigsø
Senior Project Manager, Grundfos

Close collaboration

Four years ago, Grundfos began a project with the aim of developing and optimising a new idea which could strengthen the company's range of pumps. "From the beginning, the project was an experiment in which we wished to test some new ideas and see if there was a market for them before we began the production," Søren Vigsø says, Senior Project Manager at Grundfos. "This was one of the reasons as to why we chose to use external resources from R&D as opposed to developing the competences internally."

Grundfos and R&D have been working closely for several years, and R&D has primarily been working on the mechanical part, the set-up of the production as well as documentation and approvals for the project. There have been weekly meetings where all the participants of the project have met at either Grundfos or R&D. "I think the collaboration between our employees and the engineers from R&D has been very succesful," Søren Vigsø says. "The employees from R&D are very flexible and they have many competences to offer, which has been very valuable in the development process."

Assembly, prototype and pilot run

As part of the project, prototypes and pilot runs have been produced and commenced to be used for tests of the product by selected customers. R&D has been responsible for the total delivery, including contact with the subcontractors, production of individual parts and tools as well as assembly. The assembly has been conducted in R&D's assembly workshop in Hinnerup.

The process is now so far along that R&D will transfer the production set-up and all the tools to Grundfos, who will seize control of the future production. "It has proven to be valuable that R&D was responsible for the production of the lower quantities and now transfers the final set-up to us," Søren Vigsø says. "In collaboration with R&D, we have gained a huge amount of knowledge regarding this project and if we need further adaptions in the future, we will definitely contact them again."