R&D offered technical knowledge, asked critical questions and gave a new perspective on the pre-project and preparation of the requirement specification for System Frugt.

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In the autumn of 2016, System Frugt needed extra resources for a large pre-project and preparation of a requirement specification regarding optimisation, development, and purchase of production equipment for the handling and packaging of dried fruit and nuts. “I saw multiple benefits in having a consultant as a project manager and as my right-hand man on the project,” Katrine Matzen says, Project Manager at System Frugt. “We chose to collaborate with R&D because I know Key Account Manager Daniel Schou Jensen.”

I had a good feeling about the cooperation from day one, which is why I assigned Kasper some of the responsibility for the project.

Katrine Matzen
Project Manager, System Frugt

Optimisation of the production process

Today, System Frugt handles most of their working processes manually. They wanted an assessment of how to automate and make the processes more efficient. The engineering company R&D was chosen to carry out the task due to its several years of experience in this area. Initially, System Frugt prepared a business case followed by an approved User Requirement Specification after which R&D began to look for relevant sub-contractors and invite tenders.

During the project, Kasper Rosendal Nielsen, Project Engineer at R&D has been the project manager and promoter. Among other things, he has been in close dialogue with System Frugt’s employees to get an idea of the aspects not working properly. “Kasper's way of managing a project fits with the organisational agenda,” Katrine says. “He is a technical expert, critical and accurate, and asks the right questions at the right time.”

“There is no easy solution. Part of the task has been to find out whether the right technology for the handling process already exists. Kasper has been a valuable resource in the process of making an assessment, analysis and recommendation of the ongoing development of the project.”

New perspectives

Kasper has contributed with new perspectives on the project, which has been essential for the process. He has a technical approach to the project which has resulted in new aspects.

Throughout the process, Katrine has had full confidence and trust in Kasper as her right-hand man. "I had a good feeling about the collaboration from day one, which is why I assigned Kasper some of the responsibility for the project,” Katrine says. “At the same time, he seemed to settle quickly, which is also important for a good working relationship.”