For several years, Grundfos has used consultants from R&D for special projects and as a flexible, external resource. Recently, R&D has supplied Grundfos with key competences in the development of new measuring equipment.

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Collaboration with external consultant to ensure high flexibility has been a priority at Grundfos for several years. The department which develops measuring equipment has been collaborating with consultants from R&D for several years as a supplement to the department's own full-time employees. "Primarily, we do this to add competences as well as flexibility, as our amount of projects can vary quite a bit," Kamilla Bittmann says, Head of Department at Grundfos.

The skilled mechanical engineers Nikolaj Jørgensen and Lars Aastrup from R&D have been collaborating with Grundfos for some time. When Nikolaj had a bike ride accident, R&D immediately supplied Grundfos with a competent substitute. "We find it very satisfactory that Lars could begin working and continue with Nikolaj's current projects immediately," Kamilla Bittmann says.

Both Nikolaj and Lars are very competent and have key competences within the construction of the complex measuring equipment, which we are working on. This is a competence which would be too labour-intensive to develop internally.

Kamilla Bittmann
Head of Department, Grundfos

Good relationship

In this setup, the mechanical engineers from R&D work closely with the full-time employees in the department and everybody believes that this good relationship is significant for a successful collaboration.
"To us, it is important to have a successful collaboration with consultants who know our products and organisation," Kamilla Bittmann says. "This will provide us with the most beneficial outcome and an efficient work environment for both full-time employees and consultants."
Furthermore, Kamilla Bittmann has a very good relationship with Thomas Andersen, Business Unit Director at R&D, who is responsible for choosing the right consultants from R&D for the needs and wishes of Grundfos. "Thomas knows our organisation very well and that is evident in our collaboration. He quickly identifies our need for assistance and finds the right people," Kamilla Bittmann says. "I highly appreciate this, as it provides us with the required flexibility and key competences."